Riaphela General Services

Riaphela General Services cc is 100% HDI Company, formed to serve the development needs of South Africa and help deliver on the People’s Contract.

Our mission is to empower Local Authorities to address the development needs of their constituencies. Our core competence is infrastructural development in ways that develop people and build stronger local economies.

We are skilled and experienced in technical planning and implementation, community development and project management, and have detailed practical understanding of the development management needs of South Africa. This in turn can assist our clients in all sectors of the economy to achieve their objectives in line with national policy goals.


Riaphela General Services cc stands for development with integrity, accountability and inclusiveness.Our motto is ‘Future For All’.


Riaphela General Services cc has a commitment to assist civil and building graduates from various institutions (universities and colleges) complete their practical studies. Since 2004 it has assisted more than ten students to finalise their practical courses.

We built houses for the underprivileged in Johannsburg with AMAHA (African Musicians Against HIV and Aids)

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